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Is it possible to play Fable on this emulator? If so, how should I go about... acquiring it (Pm me for that part ^_~)
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it seems there is some lack of interest/support from the
emulation community for x-box emulation.
so,I think this is one of the main reason the X-box Emualtion didn't progress that mach now.
just look what happening in other emulators:
Like Dolphin and PCSX2
the community is deeply supporting and because those emulators are open source,
some of them are actually helping developing those emulatros.
those emulators are in High stage of development.
it's sad we didn't see that happening with X-box emulation.
I know it's very complex console,but surly the lack of help/ interest from the community
and the focus on other consoles is another main reasons for that.
open source would be not the problem.. both cxbx and dxbx are open source.
the big problem for the people that help the projects is the lack of time.
so,it's true,there is a lack of time/interest from other people
in the development of X-box emulation,so that one of the main reasons
the emulator is still in "low stage" of development compare to other emulators.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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