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Is it possible to play Fable on this emulator? If so, how should I go about... acquiring it (Pm me for that part ^_~)
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what do you think ???
dont know what hapenned to these people, but realy gone think that computer games fried up some brains by some ...

what part of "No Games playable".. do you not understand.
Sorry for the insult, but you also understand the thing about all the game questions.
I am sick and tired of the questions that this or that games are playable or not.
And the first question you started the topic with was the question if fable was playable.. and you only typed 'Halo Ostx ?' .

So i already combined the two games in a compatible question. ( and i almost placed a comment that the new Halo was a xbox 360 game thats not playable on a xbox 1 emulator ) :p

But its probably not the new halo game, why he is thinking of spending more time :)
For games that has also been ported to the pc.. its better to play the ported version instead of emulation.

But not all games are ported to a pc version, like games like burnout.
People like to play these games and thats why there are emulators.

We like to build programs so making a emulator is fun to build because you learn new things and its not something you make with a normal day job.
open source would be not the problem.. both cxbx and dxbx are open source.
the big problem for the people that help the projects is the lack of time.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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