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Is it possible to play Fable on this emulator? If so, how should I go about... acquiring it (Pm me for that part ^_~)
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i see a hard work in dxbx but is so rare than there are no pics of progress, maybe this emu need more experiments like other aplications how dolphins has, a great idea can be use the same code fixes for unreal tournament or futurama for all games, or something like this codes and id, serials..etc who know
the enorm porblem is that caustik is far of his own creation, he stop to code in it because i suppose that he´s not interest.., (is easy to know that if you want make a emu, you need the console and disarm all but the people has the console and someday think: why i´m tryng this if i can play it directly in the console?)

is too hard to know this codes because every hardware and device is diferent, the code exeption are very hard to know what be can do...because there are no clue of nothing i mean, the only thing that i know if that xbox games has differents types of videos like .sfd xmv, and .tre, there are a good appi aplication with pads, 3d good, i don´t know how sdk can play this videos in win32 system there must be a convertion, but maybe there not all the videos converted ..the same case could hapen with the sound, others shadders, vertex , or some specials effects for this reason the emu need more code, but who will do that ?? there are a lot of libs, opendk, headers and more, but the new dev must to read everything and guess all for he does something...using a good debugger and tryng and tryng to fix something maybe someday here we can to see some progress like blues did

note: all my respect to caustik is a awesone dev.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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