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I want to know what similarities are between SWORD OF AEON and AVO'S TEAR in Fable, The Lost Chapters.

I know Sword of Aeon is the one that appears after you defeat Jack of Blades, but the Hero must sacrifice his sister to obtain it.
And the Avo's Tear i think is a very similar sword that appears inside the Hero's Guild, but only if the Hero rejects the Sword of Aeon and don't sacrificed his sister.

So, correct me if i'm wrong, but both swords in The Lost Chapters are similar, but Sword of Aeon is like evil and Avo's Tear is like good?? Is that right?

Or one is stronger than the other or something like that? Because if you got one you can't got the other, if i'm not wrong...

Also, it says that Sword of Aeon appeared in the original Fable for XBOX, but its attack power was about 500, and for Lost Chapters it was only like 270. Why that? Is a cool sword...

Thanx for all!
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