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I picked up this game about a week ago and absolutely love it so far. Watching my character take shape is the most exciting part. Though, I'm interested in seeing other peoples' characters. So, if you have the means, show it off.

I'll start with mine. Strangely, I look rather scary, but my alignment is almost as good as you can get. For some reason, I also became old very fast. I'm not sure which choices I made led up to that. Maybe it's because I'm primarily an archer who uses a lot of magic and only resort to melee combat when it's absolutely neccessary. Of course, it could also be the foods that I ate. I've eaten a lot of red meat, because it was easy to come by. :p I did, of course, try to balance it with fish, carrots, and apples, when I had them.

I'll also go ahead and post the game's stats along with some pictures.

Renown: 4
Alignment: Good
Attractiveness: +32
Scariness: -34

Class: Well-known Witchhunter called Ranger
Age: 48
Weight: Slim
Time Spent in Game: 7 Hours 22 Minutes
Game Days Passed: 8

Fire Monkey Tattoo

Creatures Killed
Balverines: 3
Bandits: 274
Beetles: 13
Earth Trolls: 11
Hobbes: 266
Nymphs: 11
Other: 1
Scorpions: 20
Villagers: 3 (oops :p)
Wasps: 119

Favourite Weapon: Oak Longbow (I've replaced this with the Ebony Longbow now)
Favourite Melee Weapon: Steel Longsword
Favorite Ranged Weapon: Oak Longbow
Decapitations: 5
Highest Combat Multiplier: 20

Favourite Spell: Lightning
Total Uses of Magic: 279
Spells Available: 12

Sexuality: Unknown (I have no idea why it still thinks that!)
Number of Spouses: 0
People that have fallen in Love With You: 7
Total Number of Weddings: 0
Divorces: 0
Number of Times Widowed: 0
Number of Times Had Sex: 0 (I'm getting to that :p)

Favourite Region: Greatwood Entrance
Number of Regions Visited: 31
Total Number of Teleportations: 16

Quests Completed: 11
Total Quest Money Acquired: 12130
Core Quests Completed: 6
Optional Quests Completed: 5
Boasts (Completed/Taken): 5/5
Trophies Acquired: 6
Number of Trophy Uses: 9
Highest Trophy Score: 8 (I got 19 once, dunno why it says 8)

Towns and Villagers
Buildings Owned: 1
Houses Owned: 1
Shops Owned: 0
Buildings Being Rented: 1
Total Rent Collected: 0
Best Chicken Kick: 12.990656

Pub Games and Drinks
Coin Golf High Score: 0
Shove Ha'penny High Score: 0
Guess the Addition High Score: 0
Pairs High Score: 0
Card Sorting High Score: 0

Number of Times Vomited: 0
Number of Drinks Had: 0
Drinker Class: Teetotaller

Crimes and Punishment
Crimes Reported: 1 (I took my weapon out in a town. Ooooooh! :p)
Total Fines: 40
Total Fines Paid: 0 (I apologized)
Number of Times Thrown Out of Towns: 0
Total Bribes Given: 0

Highest Amount of Money Ever Had: 10177
Total Money Acquired: 27689
Total Money Spent: 26438

Total Experience Acquired: 142330
General Experience Acquired: 81374
Strength Experience Acquired: 18511
Skill Experience Acquired: 35496
Will Experience Acquired: 6949
Total Experience Spent: 112454

...and of course, the pictures. I took pics of my TV using a digicam, so excuse the quality:

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Fable looks awesome.. I may have to pick it up. :thumb:

Nice character Flare.

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FLaRe85 said:
Age: 48
Sexuality: Unknown (I have no idea why it still thinks that!)
Number of Times Had Sex: 0 (I'm getting to that )
I dunno... when you have a 48 year old virgin, it's not all that surprising that people would think he's either gay, completely unsexual ("unknown"), or just a total loser :D

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Rhombus said:
I dunno... when you have a 48 year old virgin, it's not all that surprising that people would think he's either gay, completely unsexual ("unknown"), or just a total loser :D
Good point. ;)

I just completed another quest and gained enough renown to become "Famous." My alignment also become much more good during that quest because I spared my opponent, TwinBlade. So, it seems a little halo is forming above my head and I have little butterflies floating around me, now. It's so weird looking, because I also got a Doublearrow Tattoo, which is a face tattoo that's supposed to improve archery accuracy and make me more attractive. It's actually pretty evil-looking. So, the halo and butterflies heavily contradicts my appearance. :p It's possible I look a lot better once I can afford plate armor. The chainmail equipment really doesn't help.

Emulation to the max!
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Why? Why is that game only for xbox. It looks really good. I wish I could play it but I don't have an xbox. I guess I'll just have to wait for a pc port or the finished emulator... :(

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Total Uses of Magic: 279
Spells Available: 12

That explains the age factor

as far as the UNKNOWN haven't boinked it will stay that way till you do ;)

We accidentally deleted our character and had to start we are currently a teenager at the Heros Guild ready to whoop on Mazes arse again.

We have a good screen capture setup so we will post our characters progress soon...this one will be a natural DW like development (more resembles our behaviors)...our other one was a "Goody Two Shoes"

Good idea for a post FLaRe

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Dark Watcher said:
Total Uses of Magic: 279
Spells Available: 12

That explains the age factor

as far as the UNKNOWN haven't boinked it will stay that way till you do ;)

We accidentally deleted our character and had to start we are currently a teenager at the Heros Guild ready to whoop on Mazes arse again.

We have a good screen capture setup so we will post our characters progress soon...this one will be a natural DW like development (more resembles our behaviors)...our other one was a "Goody Two Shoes"

Good idea for a post FLaRe
I guess that makes sense. Maybe I should hold up on the will powers, since I just aged another 4 years. I'm 52, now. :\ I guess I'll start working more on the melee skills and I'll put general experience towards will strengthening. A good goal would be to try and get enough physique to wield that huge sword in Witchwood. I just picked up some nice new equipment: an obsidian longsword (to replace my obsidian axe) and some bright plate gauntlets. I also unlocked a demon door in Darkwood Swamp that had a full dark will user's suit. Too bad I'm good. :rolleyes: I found that my facial hair was getting a bit out of control, so I went and got a shave along with a new hairstyle. I'm uber sexy, now. It's no sweat to get somebody to fall in love with me. Hell, even the male schoolteacher next-door to my home in Bowerstone was hitting on me. That's the first time a male's made a move on me in the game. I thought of kicking his ass, but children were present. :p

I'll get some updated shots once I finish gathering my plate armor. BTW, any tips on where to look for silver keys? I've only found a single key in all my travels. So, I'm always discouraged when I find those chests that need, like, 15 silver keys and I think "how the hell?"

Raiden1803: Gameplay's not too bad. It's not too difficult, but then again not too easy either. Early on, it's pretty hard in battles because you have virtually no skills, but that part becomes easier once you get better in some area. Usually, you'll take an early lead in physical strength because it's all you can use effectively. Initially, your archery sucks because setting the arrows up and pulling back the string takes a lot of time. I also had a lot of trouble hitting things because I had no accuracy. I liked attacking with a bow, though, because it's generally "safer" meaning you won't get hurt as much and it preserves items. So, I started out with a crossbow, which made things a little bit easier because it has more power. Once my accuracy and speed were acceptable, I switched to a longbow and used magic to counter any enemy that got too close. It's also really easy to work up your experience multiplier with the bow since you rarely ever get hit (which drains it). So, then you start leveling up even faster. Now, I'm virtually unstoppable with my fire-augmented ebony longbow. I can pick off enemies from insane distances and my accuracy is so dead-on that they're usually one-hit kills. I also have a powerful multi-arrow spell, which comes in handy. I only resort to melee combat if the enemies are in great numbers (ie: hobbes) or are fast (ie: balverine). So, I guess the example I'm trying to set is that, once you find your niche, it gets a lot easier.

Which path you choose between good and evil also affects difficulty a great deal. Evil deeds are easy to come by while good deeds aren't as numerous or simple. Just as an example, there's a girl who lost her teddy bear early on and she asks you to find it for her. To complete the good deed, you end up having to rescue a boy from a bully, he gives you the teddy bear, and then you take it to the girl. To complete a bad deed, just punch the girl in the face. However, it seems that evil quests are difficult to come by. Though, the game could just be hiding them from me because I'm a good character. I've also noticed that dark equipment is plentiful and cheap while bright is harder to find and more expensive. My opinion is that the game is much easier to play as evil, which is why I chose to try being good the first time through.

You can also modify the difficulty and your reward for quests by boasting. "I could beat you with both hands tied behind my back." That's just an example to give you an idea what boasting's all about. You basically make bets that enable modifiers to the mission, making it more difficult, but they increase your reward. I've done a few quests completely naked because it brings a lot of gold. :p There's stuff that's even harder like trying to complete a quest without getting hit. Also, if you boast about something and don't fulfill that boast, you end up losing money.

Another thing about quests is you can choose how much you want to deviate from the main story. If you want, things can be really easy and you can just fly through the main story, I'm sure. I've chosen to do a lot of the side quests and some are incredibly hard. It all depends on the requirements. I've been avoiding quests where you have to rescue anybody, because I had a bad experience with one where the boy was an idiot and would run into a group of enemies and get slaughtered in no time, meaning I'd have to start the quest all over again. Luckily, I just picked up a healing spell, which works on other people, so I'm thinking of trying more of them out, now.

Wow, that was pretty lengthy. I guess I explained it pretty well. :p

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25 keys buddy..
1- Lookout Point
Cut through the bushes in the center of the area near the statue.

2- Bowerstone South
Upstairs in the clothing shop.

3- Fisher Creek
Go behind the building, on the north side of the map, and fish along there its
at one of the ripples.

4- Guild Woods
Fish where the ripple is (where you killed the bandits with the girl).

5- Greatwood Lake
Its at the north end of the map where the bridge is broken, its in plain view.

6- Orchard Farm
Fish off the pier on the east side of the map.

7- Rose Cottage
Theres a circle of red flowers by the old lady's house, dig inside of it.

8- Hobbe Cave
Theres a ring of mushrooms in the focus chamber (where the nymph is in the
rescue boy quest) dig in there.

9- Darkwood Lake
Shoot an arrow through the stone with a hole in it, when you go through with
the traders on the escort mission they will talk about it when your close.

10- Ancient Cullis Gate
Fish on the west end of map near the bridge.

11- Grey House
Fish near the demon door.

12- Oakvale (cemetary area)
You'll get this when you do the buried treasure quest with the dead pirate,
dig near the statue in the cemetary area (not sure if it works if your not in
the quest).

13- Twinblade's Camp
South part of camp theres an area with a treasure chest and some barrels and a
patch of dirt,dig between the chest and barrels.

14- Witchwood Stones
Fish in the pond next to the demond door.

15- Witchwood Lake
Theres a statue with a red glow from where you first enter (west side) dig near

16- Knothole Glade
Theres a ring of plants between some homes in the south part of the area, dig

17- Windmill Hill
In the garden by the small farmhouse on the west side of the map, dig in the
flower lined mound.

18- Windmill Hill
Its behind the windmill, dig it up in a flower ring.

19- Headsman's Hill
You have to be doing Lady Grey's Marriage quest for this one, when you get
knocked down by Thunder theres a place to fish when you first stand up.

20- Bowerstone Manor
You have to have married lady grey for this one, search her bed for it (to
get here theres a door behind where she waits for your when your doing her

21- Lychfied Cemetary
In a crypt in the south central part of the map, its with a corpse.

22- Lychfied Cemetary
Buried in a grave right outside of the last one.

23- Lychfield Cemetary
Fish it from the stream west of the grave keepers house, inside the gates

24- Cliffside Path
In the hill at the north end of the map, past the underground tunnel theres a
place to dig.

25- Hook Coast
In a cabinet on the ground level of the Lighthouse, you have to either pick
the lock or break the door in to get in. Upstairs here theres also a 15key
silver chest.

There is also a trick to dup keys, but we will let you get your quest worth first ;)

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Nope, no PC port comin'. At least that's what my magazines say. Only for X-Box. I've got fable too but haven't even loaded it up (to much stuff to do). Though after seeing the pictures and reading the posts, I'll have to give it a "look see". I'll let you know what I think.

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I went around the web hunting for Fable strategies and found something out. It's not magic that makes you age. It's all experience in general. So, I'm basically screwed either way. :\ The more I work at making myself stronger, the older I get.

Hopefully there's still hope because I read somewhere that it's possible to "purchase" youth through contributions to the Temple of Avo in Witchwood.

Still no bright plate armor yet, but the white balverine quest gave me nearly 10,000 gold. So, I'll try to pick something better looking up and get some new pics. I look quite a bit different now.

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This is the first game that really can convince me to buy an Xbox.

Coffee Demon
2,907 Posts you purchase experience enhancements it alters your look....Physical obviouslly changes your build / size (and also reportedly makes you hairier)

Guile reportedly makes you taller (and lithe)

Will...hehe..the more spells you get the faster you also begin to develope arcane tattoos on your body similar to the Maze character (they look like glowing tattoos) are some picks of our character so far....he is new and young so he won't look as impressive as FLaRe's
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