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Okay... back after checking out the demo properly. Been able to check it out on PS3 and PC. What can I say? I'd recommend this against anyone who has heart conditions... and I'm GLAD it would have sound issues.

Why? Because this isn't FEAR 2! It's mindf*** episode 1000!! The screen gets stamped with blood, deformed bodies, ghostly figures, eerie images, and the speakers get flushed with moaning, crying, growling, twitching, and any other kinds of sounds you can imagine. They held back nothing to scare the living **** out of you this time. Literally nothing. Action is very... limited in the demo. As in... you only get to do a little bit of shooting against actual enemies, who come down after a shot or two... or a hit or two. It's like the shooting just "somehow" made it into the demo.

Geebus... that was one HELL of a demo. Literally. I wouldn't be surprised if this game gets more than an M rating, even without sex.

But that might explain why there are sound issues. Too many sounds at once.
That sounds nice, I think I'll download the demo this night. But before that, does it contain any kind of DRM? I know, it's a demo, but I just wanna be sure :p
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