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Hi guys, so i got the emulator up and running, and everything seemed fine until the ingame menu faded in (Shadow of the Colossus). While loading the game it's at a steady 60 to 80 fps. But when the game starts. boom, drops right down to 7/13fps which is almost unplayable, extremely laggy and occational freezes:mad::mad::mad:
I'm running on
-AMD Phenom 9650 QQ Processor 2.3 ghz
-ATI radeon 4650HD 1gb
-4gb ram (3gb in use/32bit vista)
which i think is a pretty OK setup as far as gaming goes. But should have no problem emulating a ps2 game.

and btw i've already tried the frame skip and speed hacks, helped but still totally unplayable.
any advice is appreciated!

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Yeah, the system is ok for pc games, but NOT ps2 emulation.
Shadow of the colossus is a very demanding game, especially the cpu needs to be fast.
My guess is that a core2 at 5.5Ghz might play it fine. And yeah, that stuff doesn't even exist yet :p

But there's a trick to this game. Set the speedhacks to some high settings, and it goes a lot faster.
The game is still running quite bad, but at least the music and sound effects are fine then.
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