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Overloading a Bin file (>700MB), possible?

well I got another one. I tried a little bit with makecti/buildcd/stripiso but buildcd didn't allow me to build an iso with over 74min. I know that with a real ps1 it's seneseless but maybe it would work with an emu.
do you know some tools which can do this?


hi dudes,
well I try to modify a ps1 game but I have a problem with extracting the xa-files (str, xas). I read in tutorials that they are in mode2 2336bytes/sector, so I tried cdrwin as suggested but sadly it doesn't work with my drives.
so I'm looking for another way or tool to extract these files. the correct lba data are no problem, Isobuster helps with that but it doesn't extract them correct.


ok I finally found a solution by myself. it's a tool called "cdmage", seems to extract xa-files without a problem.
here is the link:
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