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extracting the bios......

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i wanted to know if it is possible to extract the ps2 bios with a USB 2.0. and I made these pictures, please tell me how to make these better and give me ideas for new ones.... ;)
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1. Give up making pcsx2 pictures, the team arent taking new logos, so you're wasting your time.

2. if you bothered to search there is about 100 threads to do with ripping the ps2 bios, which all tell you what u need and how to do it
the logos that you got there looks flashy, but do we really need them????????
nopee!!!!!!so stop wasting your breath

duh!! about bios dho?

as refraction said use the search hyperlink up there near Log out and search for extracting bios using a USB2.0.

i'm sure that i read it on a zillion of the threads around here and of course
you can keep the logos to yourself for now..
dude if you want to add those new logos of yours to the pcsx2, just get the pcsx2 source (its open source anyway), exchange the default ps2 logo with your logo there, compile it then...there you go your pcsx2 has your logo but just keep it to yourself. DON"T DISTRIBUTE IT
since no one is being very helpful i'll tell you.

You need a modded PS2
A PL2301 or PL2302 USB cord
Pukko's Dumpbios.elf program
And you need naplink

after you gather everything it's easy

1)connect the ps2 and your PC with the PL2301/2302 cable
2)start your PS2 with a naplink CD
3)after it's Completely booted start the PC naplink program. (it should acknowlege the connection)
4)load the dumpbios.elf program from your PC to your PS2. On the ps2 it should tell you if it was successful. If it was you should get a file bios.bin in your main root directory(c:\bios.bin). That file is the bios.

--i'd like to add. ignore those asses criticizing your artwork. For some reason they treat people like this until you've been here for a few months or even years.
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Thank you seta-san for the support.... but i dont know what is napplink cd.... could you get me a little into the subject? and can u tell me if i can extract the bios using a usb 2.0
I don't want to be rude... but this topic was and is here over and over again... just do a search...
I dont see why you created a new thread instead of replying to the other one....merging <- that's where the naplink cd data is. i'm not sure in what modes you burn it but you can search around the net. There's also the windows and linux client software.

The PL2301 and PL2302 are USB to USB data cords. Unfortunately you Have to use one of those. You just can't use one you got at compusa. They are fairly easy to find on the net though.

The hardest thign to do is get a modded PS2. I wouldn't recommend modding it yourself if you buy a modchip. Get a professional whos been doing it for a while. If you live in a big city ask around to other people who might have gotten their systems modded.

It's a hard truth that dumping your own bios is expensive. You can spend in the upwards of at least $100
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