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Extracting FPK Files

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So I've been on an endeavor to try to find the image files used for characters in a game, but having no prior experience whatsoever with ripping /any/ kind of game content it has been driving me insane. I haven't find any tool that can recognize these fpk files and even ones built for games have been unable to do so.

I was wondering if anyone who is more experienced at this would be willing to take a crack at extracting some of these files? I've attached an example .fpk from the directory I managed to extract.

I would be infinitely grateful if anyone could just help me understand how to do this, or even be able to extract them.
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i'd like to know how to edit files on gamecube discs too. i think many people would like to try but don't know where to start. have you made any progress since you posted about this?
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