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I've been looking into this for a very long time, but I'm not getting very far, so I thought I would just put up a topic and see what happens. I'll be as specific as possible.

I do paper craft, which involves putting 3D models into a program called Pepakura that generates said model into a printable paper model you can assemble. It's a bit more advanced than that ofcourse, but that isn't overly important. I want to extract 3D models from the games Digimon World 1, 2, and 3, but preferably 1. I can't figure out how to extract the model files and it's driving me crazy. I know that most PSX games have their own unique file structure, but might there be someone that could help me? I'm sorry for this annoying topic, but I checked everywhere I could. I mostly hear that it's not likely, but I also see signs of hope. I'd rather not stay lost in an endless array of files cluttering my desktop in hopes to accomplish this, so I'd like your help to put closure to this extremely frustrating ordeal.

I run Vista 64-bit if that helps any.

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I looked at it in the past for gran turismo 2, didnt find much for models themselves back then. Textures, sure, depending on games.

No idea if it will work for digimon, but you can try TMD2LWO. It can convert *.TMD 3d models of the ps1 into *.LWO Lightwave models. There could be a way to export to *.MAX or *.3DS, didnt look.

I mostly hear that it's not likely
Thats the case for realtime ripping of 3d models, like with 3dripperDX/pc games. Its not possible due to how 3d is represented.

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It's not a DOS program. It's a WIN32 program that runs through the command prompt.

This screenshot was made by me running Windows 7 x64...

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Wow... I thought that only I'm interested in it

If you want to RIP 3d data from psx games just download
TMDRIP by paradox... this is very useful app, it works by drag'n'drop
You'll drag a mung file [which has models into it] and drop at the icon of TMDRIP... application ask you about your files to save [you are entering the name] and TMDRIP makes the rest

bad in TMDRIP is that, the all files ripped by tmdrip are in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>

and in one big file [not separated TMD models]

better tool [but in alpha release] is PSX MultiRip 2000 by loser from paradox
It's simple becasue it's in normal WinApi... your just selecting mung file and that prgram saves data by numeric names [TIMs [textures] too [if you want]]
but not all games it can rip [TMDRIP can all games].
With PSX MultiRip i tested it with demo of Millenium Soldier and watched 3d data with Milkshape 3D [Milkshape 3D has TMD plugin [importer]]

You can combine these 2 applications [TMDRIP and PSX Multirip] to take the effect. I tried to rip models from bigger productions like GT2, Tekken 3 and 2... They has probably own model format...

Ripping from these games like GT or Tekken or MGS would be to easy. Why? Because all TMD format was in SONY's SDK in Net Yaroze pack [I had it and i saw all the specifications of TMD model but I'm not good coder... I'm still learning].

Ok that's all from me... if you have more infos that i writed them here just send me a mail at [email protected]

Here are the links of above programs:

TMDRIP - Search Results | MegaGames - The Hardcore Gaming Experience
Jum's E3D Model Editor [loads and saves TMD models] - Console GamingWorld - Downloading
[mod don't look at this please :D] topic in any forum where any guy ripped models from silent hill - :: View topic - The Coroner
much of psx utlis - ConsoleCopyWorld - PSX Programming Tools
java code to rip tmd models or something - the problems of psx model ripping - Java Programming Forums
and PSX MultiRip -

oh by the way if you want try to "regroup" any of 3d models saved from TMDRIP just try TMDTool [it's on in playstation utilities]
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