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Well, I think your chart is a bit off.

Core i7
Penryn/Wolfdale >= Phenom 2
Conroe >= Phenom
Pentium D
Pentium 4

In realistic performance, the Phenom is a match to Conroe, the only problem it has is pure clockspeed, in decent motherboards, you can easily reach 3.6Ghz on Conroe's while you'd be struggling to reach 3.4Ghz on Phenoms.

And isn't Penryn and Wolfdale basically the same? I mean one is for laptops and one is for desktops?

As for the topic creator :

I think that increase of clockspeed won't amount too much in PCSX2 I'm afraid, it's because I remember using my Athlon64 3800 @ 2.3Ghz and then getting, my MVC2 FPS got from 30+FPS to about 40+ FPS. But if the game you're playing is already getting the 40FPS range then upgrading your processor could net you near to total full speed.
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