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ok i find its easy to copy codes into the .cht file, but the emulator doesnt work right with activator codes (D codes)


Bag of tacks

Player 1 starts the match with a bag of tacks. When he drops the bag in the ring the tacks spread and stay there for the rest of the match. Once the tacks have been spilt they can not be picked back up.

81052C24 2CBE
81052C26 2CBE
81052C2C 24FF
81052C2E 24FF
D116C378 42B4
8116C332 000C
D116C378 42B4
8116C336 000C
81052CB0 2CC1
81052CB2 2CC8
81052CB4 2CFB
81052CB6 2CFB
D115AB1A 0000
D115AB1E 0000
8116C330 0000
D115AB1A 0000
D115AB1E 0000
8116C332 0000
D115AB1A 0000
D115AB1E 0000
8116C334 0000
D115AB1A 0000
D115AB1E 0000
8116C336 0000
D115AB1A 0000
D115AB1E 0000
8116C33A 0000
D115A71E 0001
8115AF9E 0005
D116C378 42B4
8116C350 0000

Credit JamStubbs

I put this in as

//WWF No Mercy
Name=WWF No Mercy
Cheat0="tacks",81052C24 2CBE,81052C26 2CBE,81052C2C 24FF,81052C2E 24FF,D116C378 42B4,8116C332 000C,D116C378 42B4,8116C336 000C,81052CB0 2CC1,81052CB2 2CC8,81052CB4 2CFB,81052CB6 2CFB,D115AB1A 0000,D115AB1E 0000,8116C330 0000,D115AB1A 0000,D115AB1E 0000,8116C332 0000,D115AB1A 0000,D115AB1E 0000,8116C334 0000,D115AB1A 0000,D115AB1E 0000,8116C336 0000,D115AB1A 0000,D115AB1E 0000,8116C33A 0000,D115A71E 0001,8115AF9E 0005,D116C378 42B4,8116C350 0000

The lines that start with a D have no effect of an activator, the line after it just takes place automatically. Have i done something wrong or is there a special method i should use with activator codes?

Any help appreciated

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