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NOW! play the pokemon heartgold & soulsilver on pc FULLY no need to trade in order to evolve your pokmon

with a small change for the ROM otself, you can evolve all your pokemon directly through level up or holding itmes with no need to trade.
This sounds great for playing on pc emulators.
This works for heartgold and soulsilver mainly. It also runs on pearl, diamond and platinum but I didn't try.

Please follow the instructions carefully:

1- first, download this file and extract it to foler
2- open NitroExplorer2b.exe
3- press load ROM
4- select your pokemon HG SS DP P game file (ROM)

For HG SS:
5- open the folder a
6- open the subfolder 0
7- open the subfolder 3
8- select the file 4

For DP P
5- open the folder poketool
6- open the subfolder personal
7- select the file evo.narc

9- press Reinsert
10- select the file 4 (as it without extintion) included in the zip file
11- notice "File '4' replaeced successfully" on the bottom
12- you are done, open your pokemon game and enjoy

the pokemon change includes:

- pokemon needed link trade only: now they need level up (just like the others) and they are:

Alakazam lv. 36
Gengar and Golem lv. 50
Machamp lv. 56

- pokemon needed link trade while they hold special item: now they need level up (one more level) while holding the special item and they are:

Dusknoir while it holds the Reaper Cloth
Electivire while it holds the Electirizer
Gorebyss while it holds the DeepSeaScale
Huntail while it holds the DeepSeaTooth
Kingdra while it holds the Dragon Scale
Magmortar while it holds the Magmarizer
Politoed while it holds the King’s Rock
Porygon2 while it holds the Up-Grade
Porygon-Z while it holds the Dubious Disc
Rhyperior while it holds the Protector
Scizor while it holds the Metal Coat
Steelix while it holds the Metal Coat
Slowking while it holds the King’s Rock

please share this topc everywhere.

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the reason of evolving Alakzam so early is abra evolves at lv. 16 meanwhile geodode and gastly evolve at lv.25 and machop evolves at lv. 28
sorry for steelix, I'll try to add it and edit the post

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I know, but 56 is just insane! It isn't even an uber, so why evolve it so late? Heck, most ubers evolve before then!
if you want to be a pokemon master, your goal is to make your pokemon at lv. 100
so 56 isn't too late compared to 100
BTW dragoair evolves at a higher level to dragonite by default

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Thanks! This is awsome!
BTW, why does Alakazam evolve so early compared to Gengar, Golem and Machamp? Shouldn't they all be evolved at the same level?

Edit: Oh and you forgot Steelix.
See The first post
I've added steelix

How do you do it with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum exactly? I opened up Plat and Pearl but I couldn't find out which file in what folder would need replacing, looks like all of em have .narc extensions or something like that lol. Thanks for the patch though, an awesome idea and thing to do!
See the main post, I've edited it

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Thanks alot i have been looking for this, Awsome work dude. Is there any way to edit the file 4, so i can change the levels that they evolve? Thanks
if you need more to do
download this file and seclect what you want to manage.

Evolution Editor.rar

Don't forget to see the help and readme before you start

And remeber, it is for 4th generation games only.
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