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Pokemon Black (probably works on white too)

1. Grab from the attachments below
2. Open NitroExplorer2b.exe
3. press load ROM
4. select pokemon black (should work on white too)

5. Open Folder a
6. Open Folder 1
7. Select File 5
8. Select "Reinsert" from the tab options, now select our file 5
9. Message will say file replaced successfully and your done.


All Pokemon assigned a hold item, the standard "potion", to evolve without trade.........the 4 specific trade only pokemon: Kadabra/Machoke/Gravler/Haunter may still require a trade............this is just a beta version, as i don't think i'll be able to make any more changes without a real editor program..........


Incluced "rabe3ab"'s Pokemon Pearl's version of the Pokemon Soul Silver Patch in the attachments below. (correct filesize and header). replace "evo.narc" according to the instructions from the first post for Pokemon Pearl instead of the file "4".

I realize the Pokemon Black patch may not work, that is the file where the "trades" registered, and i'm not far enough in the game to have any of those kinds of pokemon.....its just something to try
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