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Evil Kyro

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Is there anybody knows how to find this driver...?
Evil Kyro (cvr3 ver:2.0)

I'm tired looking for it... :eyespin:

Thx for any answer given...
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Which Operating System do you want the drivers for?

Each driver is 6MB in size, so I'm gonna have to e-mail it to you instead. Please leave your e-mail address in your next post (or PM it to me if you want it to be secret)
ariano_romanov said:
Please check your PM...
let's just hope the attachments go is taking quite a long time :p

edit> Thunderbird said it was sent....check now

edit 2> appears your email provider doesn't allow exe files......1 more idea I have. Check your PM box
ah, the uses of YouSendIt ^^

all part of the "job" ;)
LoanWolf said:
i realy need the xp driver for the evil kyro cvr3 ver:2.0
darn it....can't remember where I put them :p Since I have the filenames, it should be easy to find

edit> here....rapidshare link...enjoy :)
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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