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Ok, I'll cut to the chase right away :

Vigilante 8 (NTSC) : ....remember Vigilante 8 ?? ....this was another game with problematic behavior on many (every?) PSX emu - until now !! ...the only thing that I couldn't make work so far was the audio tracks (I use Pete's MIDAS plugin). Oh, one more thing : I recommend Pete's Soft plugin over the OpenGL one.

Colin McRae Rally 2 (PAL) : The jerky gameplay/audio problems occuring in other emus, seem not to appear here !

Wild Arms 2 (NTSC) : No problems with the battle menu... just the usual MDEC problems/red-blue color swapping (then again this occurs in every game, as it is an FPSE glitch, so... er... disregard this last comment !!).

Legend of Mana (NTSC) : Works ok so far, plus the spell effect when placing down an object on the world map (your "mailbox" for example) is displayed correctly, unlike ePSXe and VGS. Some people will say that Bleem also displayed this right, but lets not forget that Bleem had several timing problems with this game...

...I 've said it once and I'll say it again : I think its great that FPSE is not only a excellent PSX emu, but it also complements the others, so more and more games, previously "buggy", become playable.
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