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Game Zone Live, ECTS, GDCE and SCoRE all canceled

Full: Recently, the calendar for those wanting to attend videogame trade shows has become much freer, as event after event has been cancelled in quick succession. Two weeks ago, the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) cut the consumer oriented Game Zone Live (formerly Game Stars Live). Late last week, it was revealed that the ECTS (which had been running since 1998 and was reportedly on its way downward anyway) was cancelled by CMP Corporate.

Today, the trade event casualties continued when CMP announced that it is apparently withdrawing from the market entirely. This means the cancellation of the GDCE developers conference and the independent retail show SCoRE. The ELSPA supported European Games Network (EGN), which perhaps applied the coup de grace to rival trade show ECTS, should still occur later this year.
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