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Beta Date: 09.05.05
Conditions Tested Under:

plugins 09.05.05
except from:
spu2peops 25.12.04
cdvdpeops 20.04.05
PadSSSPSX 08.05.05

VUREC crashes after printing loads of RSQRT
2D Intro pix in wrong part of VRAM with GSsoft, GSDX9 OK
No videos, immediately starts with 3D in menus.
Either GSsoft or GSDX9 show 3D "behind a curtain"
Here is a blockdump (must be used with "disable MUSIC" patch):

Actual gameplay utilizes pressure sensitive buttons.
Therefore you must roll mousewheel when pressing X for acceleration with padwin.dll
With PadSSSPSX.dll you must push right analog stick instead.

Patches used:

// 032e1424.pnach
gametitle=Euro Rally Champion [SLES52378] (E)
comment= patches by Nachbrenner
//Disable MUSIC

Status Playable
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