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Ethernet Card 10 Base-T

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what is the best and has a reasonable price.... i gonna change my 56 k(suck!!!!!!!!!) modem to a new connection........ thanks :D
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the NIC i use is the 3Com 3C905C-TX Ethernet card.. i recommend it.. :) its at around P2200 .. :heh: but if you're gunning for the cheapest freaking thing available use from surecom(EP-320X-R)/speedcom(E802.3) @P450 or from Dlink(DFE-538TX)@P980 :)
thanks man i owe u one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D hey do you know any computer shop that has a low price like pc house and villman(some products is still pricy)
well along taft near quirino.. you'll find dreamchum.. cheap a$$ products but website isn't updated.. (crap).. then there is pcbodega, also cheap a$$: (updated) and my personal favorite: (updated regularly).. and i like those guys too..!

btw: there is also pcexpress @ but the pricelist isn't up to date yet.. :eyes: :p
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ahh!!! never now there are webs dedicated for this BIG THANKS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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