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The official homepage of the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">EternalNGE</a> emulator has been updated with some news about the progress of this early PSX emulator. Because of real life (tm), progress has slowed down lately. However, the emulator already seems to be able to load the gameshark module, which is quite some progress:
  • (...) I cannot find the time to work on a release and sadly the emu is not yet stable enough so i postponed the release. sorry. However when i find some time i'm working on the reverse engineering of the BIOS and GameShark. I'm doing this to understand the inner workings of the PlayStation better. Currently the 2.40 version of GameShark is booting and hanging but i've just started. I'll keep you posted.
» Find more infos about the emulator at the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">official homepage</a>.
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