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Somehow, it seems plugin releases are cool today ... the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">SPU dev project</a> also decided to release a plugin, *yet* named different again (this group already made Iori's SPU plugin and Andy's SPU) and labeled <u>Eternal SPU Plugin</u>, of course starting from v1.0 again ! Although this is v1.0, the authors listed a change log, most likely the updates from Iori's plugin, which is the base for this one :<ul><li>Implemented new envelope.
<li>Added About box.
<li>Implemented XA buffer auto adjust.
<li>Improved SPU-IRQ.
<li>Improved realtime config window.
<li>Added SPUrender().
<li>Added PSS file output.</ul>After testing that one, I gotta admit it's already quite impressive (but what do you expect when it's based on one of the best ones ?). You can download this one by clicking <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/spu/">here</a> or from our freshly updated <a href="/psx/plugins.php?page=spu">SPU plugins page</a>.
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