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Eternal SPU 1.50 Beta - Thoughts?

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This was made available almost 2 weeks ago but here it is anyway:

Has anyone tried it? Any info on the change list/release date?
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ive had it for the last couple of weeks....havent really messed with it though. i saw something on the SSSPSX site about memory usage and the new beta...apparently it's lower (it's in Japanese...go venture and read it if you dare :p ) but i dont know. i'll wait to the official release to actually use it...1.41 has been working fine for me.

btw, apparently its an unofficial beta was mentioned in the forums that the devs might not even want this leaked.
no improvements in sound, they havent added the gaussian interpolation yet...but it should have better CPU usage which is nice because Eternal Lite sounds crappier. so maybe people with slower CPUs can use Eternal and still get good performance.
Lite uses less CPU at the cost of slightly poorer quality and a lack of a few options.

and by slow CPUs, probably 1ghz is fast enough to use regular Eternal (probably less..) so it's not really a worry.
are you PAL or NTSC?
djsolidsnake86 said:
you're sure you're playing the PAL game...?
you're using Eternal, right?

try raising the buffer, if that doesnt work, try lowering it. in other words, mess with the buffer settings.

try thread read, else try SPUasync/smooth mode
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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