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So recently I noticed that this game (Eternal Poison) finally works in pcsx2, yet the joy ended fast as apparently there are still some bugs left...
Every text below the first line is invisible! Example :

I've tried :
- Enabling and disabling all sort of speedhack (and without at all)
- Various Vu/EE round and clamp mode (this will fix black screen in battle though)
- Gsdx and Zerogs
- All sort of GSDX option (Dx9 and 11, alpha, offset, skipdraw hack, 8-bit textures, native, software)

With the same bugged result... Can anyone help me here, please?

Oh almost forgot, I've tried this with PCSX2 SVN 2791 and my video card is ATi Radeon 3850 in Win 7 x64 using catalyst 10.3a.

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Ok, that's actually a bit interresting then.
It means this game uses a z value we don't support.
A team member is working on something in that direction, I'll forward this to him.
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