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Eternal Darkness question

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Hi everyone i know this game doesnt work and i'm not asking you to to sort it or even moaning about it i just wondered why it didnt boot, i heard it was a game issue and was just wondering what type of issue, is it an unimplemented opcode or a something thats not been added to the graphics plugin yet or even a disk i/o problem, sorry to be such a pain but i used to be a programmer back in the late 80's early 90's and even though i've forgotten a good 95% of it now i'm still interested and like to try and understand the problem. btw can you recommend any good books to help me learn about programming windows software, delving into graphics etc, i thought i would ask here as your the professionals and thought you could give me some ideas, also i just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on developing such an amazing piece of software. :thumb:
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Actually, believe it or not... Eternal Darkness DID boot in a very old revision. Unfortunately, I cannot remember which SVN booted the game but the menu used to load with sound. I'd also be curious which recent changes broke the game.
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