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@ES - MorphX: The beauty of dynamic coding!

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Hi everyone!!!

Wonder why i post this here???? well all i want with this post is to thank to all those people that gave me the idea to create the @ruanViewer codename MorphX which as some of you know uses @ES code to render the stuff.

now why should i thank you guys for your great ideas??? the reason for that is because you guys helped me to create another app that helped me to see a couple of potencial bugs and also code that needed to be optimized because it wasn´t accurate anough.. as you guys may know @ES introduced probably the first auto-resolution scaling mechanism which makes possible to see @ES at the same size on your screen regardless of your resolution.. that feature is great but it wasn´t perfect because i needed to figure out how to allow people to reduce/increase size depending on there actual resolution and also keep that size no matter what resolution they have later.

thanks to the @ruanViewer and all the people that tested i was able to figure out lots of mistakes i did while rendering stuffs which helped me to finally improve performance in the upcomming version and to add back the modified code to the original app which is no other than @ES... the results???

Check it out yourself :thumb: (since the size of the video here in the forums is quite small.. watch the video on youtube for better quality and size)

Again thank you guys specially Squall, Vincent, Shendo and Schumi for your great tests and ideas and also others that helped me in the past few days.
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The war is over!!!

First of all Thank you guys!!!

Finally after months thinking how to improve/optimize my drawing code i was able once again to increase performance and also reduce memory usage thanks to a crazy idea i had today while driving in the highway.. the result????

@ES - Evolution is finally beaten!!!! yes you hear right... as you remember i serously doubted that i would ever beat the old @ES in memory usage as i created a nice way to handle images using GDI+ and actually the old version uses a pretty small amount of memory.. taking in mind how many pics it uses to create the skin, coverflow etc.

so enough bla, bla, bla.. check out this pic which clearly shows the winner... and is no other than @ES - MorphX!!!! (the one marked with the '*32' label is the old one as its a 32bit executable)
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That's good and all but... how does that relate to dynamic coding? Since this is the programming board and not the images/video one, I'd love to get my hands dirty and take a peek at those underhanded coding tricks of yours. :evil:

Well whatever...
Very simple... the technique am using is not a trick actually but the key rely on Dynamic classes/custom controls which is what am showing in the video and also the pic... both shows the great results that can be obtain when writing dynamic stuff. :thumb: both apps the old one and the new @ES are entirely made using custom controls which allow me to improve them anytime. because of that i can find always ways to improve the code and do exactly what i want.

last but not least this could maybe help others to improve there code.. so that´s the reason i posted here ;)
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