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I'm the maintainer of the EmulationStation Desktop Edition (ES-DE) front-end.
I have been working on this project for about a year, which was originally based on the RetroPie fork of EmulationStation.
But by now it's been very heavily modified.

As the name implies the front-end is intended to run on desktop operating systems and it's designed to be simple to install and configure. It also ships with a comprehensive theme set and game system configuration file with support for more than 100 platforms. I intend to support Raspberry Pi in future versions although that's not the primary aim of the project.

ES-DE comes preconfigured mostly for use with RetroArch, but this can of course be customized.

I've recently made the v1.0.0 release candidate available for download and I would love to get some more people to test this application and to provide feedback before I make the final v1.0 release!
It's hopefully good enough for daily use by now, although I have not been able to test the macOS version as extensively as the other versions.

You can download and find out more about ES-DE at its website:
EmulationStation Desktop Edition (ES-DE)

There you can also find a short introduction video and video tutorials on how to install and configure ES-DE on Linux, macOS and Windows.

As well you can find a link to the GitLab repository on the website in case you're interested in checking out the source code or the detailed documentation, or to perhaps even contribute to the project!

I really hope you'll find the application useful :)


If it was not clear from the above text, ES-DE is of course free and open source and will remain so forever!

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