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I am a new user so apologize ahead of time for any mistakes I make,

I am also new to emulators but i found a post either here or *snip* about how to get started...

i downloaded the following

epsxe v1.7.0
extracted to "game" file

11 psx bios
extracted to "bios" file

extracted all to "plugins" file

I ran epsxe and it returned error could not load zlib1.dll so i came to emuformus found the download and extracted to "game" file. I ran epsxe again and it began the config wizard.

I extracted the files I wanted to run using epsxe.

i ran epsxe. went to file>run iso

Issue 1)

It gave me a menu to select from. i chose the file i wanted in the "game" file there is a .ecm and .cue but from file>run iso im only allowed to select the .cue file i do this and select "open" and i am given an error message "error loading isofile: [(file path)].iso

I am almost certain ive done something wrong but im not sure what.

Issue 2)

i attempted to run the game disc (file>run cdrom) and my screen goes dark like its going to load up a game the a controller icon appears and nothing happens. if alt+tab out and back my resolution gets thrown off and a "window" appears the game runs the opening scenes up to the menu and idle sequences but the "window" cuts off and I am unable to view the entire game screen.

my specs are...

microsoft windows xp
home editiion
version 2002
service pack 2

proc. intel pentium m 1.86GHz
ram. 1GB
GC ati m radeon x300
not sure about dvd/cd-rom drive

I appreciate any time or effort you offer even if only to say theres nothing to be done.

Thanks a bunch

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Unfortunately you will not get any help for your problem here as you have downloaded the bios and ngemu has rules against any form of piracy.

You need to dump the BIOS from an actual playstation and dumping it from the PS1 is a lot trickier than with the PS2 as you have to have a modded PS1 that can run burned CD's and dump the BIOS in parts since it doesn't fit on one memory card.

There is a stickied thread in the general PSX forum with everything you need about how to go about dumping the BIOS.
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