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error with main site compatibility section

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date of error about 5 minutes before this post, checked with internet explorer (not fully updated, but close enough) and firefox 1.04.

when clicking on the "submit report" button on this page <> i get the following error.

404 - looking for pj64.phpaction=co

by clicking on a game (any game) and clicking on the equivalent "submit report" button, I am able to create a report for any game. I'm not sure how long this error has been there since i haven't tried to submit for "new" games before

checked a couple other systems and ran into this error. Error always says

404 - looking for (gamesystem).phpaction=co

edit: on another note, plugin lists need to be updated, not sure how difficult that is (not being a coder myself)
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Plugin lists should be fairly easy to update, even if it's done by hand :p.
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