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I'm french and it's my first time on this forum :heh: . 'scuse for my english and I hope that you'll understand me.

I use ePSXe v.1.60 with the game "WIP3OUT" (I love this game :wub: ). I installed all plugins (Pete's openGL because my graphic card is GeForce4 Ti4800) and Bios. When i launched the game, no problem for loaded and choose race but after 5-6 seconds, an error message is here.

This message's:
error running ePSXe
"SPEC Opcode 28 UNK (PC 00000124) (00000100) (2758,311)

I modified the video's plugins settings but always this message :cuss2:

Anybody can say me how to solve this problem. I'll like play !!!

Thanx for your answers :thumb:

edit:My PC's configuration: ASUS P4P800 - PIV 2,6Ghz HT - GeForce4 Ti4800 - Win XP (with SP2)
ePSXe's Plugins: cdrXeven - gpuPeteOpenGL - spuAndy
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