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"ERROR" Window

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I'm french and it's my first time on this forum :heh: . 'scuse for my english and I hope that you'll understand me.

I use ePSXe v.1.60 with the game "WIP3OUT" (I love this game :wub: ). I installed all plugins (Pete's openGL because my graphic card is GeForce4 Ti4800) and Bios. When i launched the game, no problem for loaded and choose race but after 5-6 seconds, an error message is here.

This message's:
error running ePSXe
"SPEC Opcode 28 UNK (PC 00000124) (00000100) (2758,311)

I modified the video's plugins settings but always this message :cuss2:

Anybody can say me how to solve this problem. I'll like play !!!

Thanx for your answers :thumb:

edit:My PC's configuration: ASUS P4P800 - PIV 2,6Ghz HT - GeForce4 Ti4800 - Win XP (with SP2)
ePSXe's Plugins: cdrXeven - gpuPeteOpenGL - spuAndy
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My guess is the emulator doesn't know how to handle the Opcode of that game, or doesn't recognize it at all. Not sure how opcodes work in PSX emulation, however. This one probably needs one of the programmers' help to find a workaround or for a decent explaination of if it can work and why or why not.
Use PSXeven or SSSPSX.
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