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yeah, if ya want a game that is near playable, try playing a game that is 2d. like I tried ddr max 2. it is a bit slow (try 20 fps). but it is near playable.

and yes, i know, i haven't posted in da forums in a long time, mainly cause for some reason, i can only run games out of the dvd drive, and it takes forever (about 20 minutes, i timed it) for the bios to display on the screen.

but yeah, the emulator is not gonna be perfect on it's 1st release, believe it or not, Project 64 (the elite n64 emulator that can run any n64 game perfectly or near-perfectly) was not a perfect emulator upon it's early releases. i used to try playing goldeneye in the early versions and it took about a year until i could get the emulator to load the first level of goldeneye with all the textures.

oh, and i am declaring this my welcome back post, cause i have been too busy with other things.
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