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I have a problem saving. I searched high and low on the boards but found only broken links or things I can't really comprehen. I tried all possible combinations on the save types but none seem to help. When I was searching the boards I did find a link to a save fix but it led to nowhere.

Heres a pic:

Heres the bug report:
Emu version : 1.8.0-beta 3
Emu Type : Normal Version
File : C:\VisualBoyAdvance\FFTA (U).zip
BIOS Checksum: 0B83ECAD
Internal name: FFTA_USVER.
Game code : AFXE
Using BIOS : 0
Skip BIOS : 0
Disable SFX : 0
Skip intro : 0
Throttle : 0
Rewind : 0
Auto frame : 0
Video option : 1
Render type : 1
Color depth : 32
Red shift : 00000013
Green shift : 0000000b
Blue shift : 00000003
Layer setting: FF00
Mirroring : 0
Save type : 0 (0)
Flash size : 00020000 (00020000)
RTC : 0 (0)
AGBPrint : 0
Speed toggle : 0
Synchronize : 1
Sound OFF : 1
Channels : 030f
Old Sync : 0
Priority : 2
Filters : 0 (0)
Cheats : 11
GB Cheats : 0
GB Emu Type : 1
I know this game is old but please help me.

I beg thee, all mighty gods of the boards, for help and support.

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FFTA uses Flash 64k, not 128k.
You can try just changing the Flash save size to 64k to see if it works. If it doesn't, follow these steps to make it work :
Close VBA, delete manually your old FFTA save file (.sav) and all your FFTA save states (.sgm) (<- that's because, if you load an 'old' save state, the emulator save settings will be overriden. Which also means that you'll have to restart the game from scratches), run VBA, set its save type to automatic (or Flash) and set the Flash size to 64k, and finally load the game. That should (will) work.

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Haru_Glory said:
can i ask whered u download ff tactics from???
no, and this is your second time asking.

this is your last warning. read the [rules]rules[/rules] and follow them, or you will be banned.

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I use the mac version of visual boy and am getting an error when i try to freeze the state, and also can't save within the game. However, I can't find a preference setting to change the flash settings, so I'm stuck. Anyone have any idea

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thankies pokemonhacker problem i had was same so thank yew
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