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Like proger said, your current version of DirectX is out of date. Go to the ms website to get the latest version. I have the feeling that you are using an older version of windows. Are you running Windows 2000 or later? If not, Cxbx is not supported on Millenium or older.

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Well, When you call CreateDevice, the 2nd parameter is the D3DDEVTYPE_, of which options there are:
HAL, (Hardware Abstraction Layer, Which is Hardware-accelerated),

REF, (REFerence Rasterizer, D3D's Software Renderer that will "make use of special CPU instructions whenever it can"), and

SW (Custom Software Renderer "A pluggable software device that has been registered with IDirect3D9::RegisterSoftwareDevice.")

So, really the best way to go is get a fairly recent Video card, and use HAL.

As for the REF being buggy, well, If you can trust the DirectX c++ documentation, it says "Unlike a software device, the reference rasterizer supports every Direct3D feature. Because these features are implemented for accuracy rather than speed and are implemented in software, the results are not very fast"
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