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After grueling hours of trying to find the PEC plugin I finally found it, and downloaded it and extracted it into the plugin folder of epsxe folder.

And I can go so far as selecting my codes and loading them onto the plugin... but then when it asks me to select the PEC plugin as my video plugin, I go to do it... but don't see that plugin anywhere...

WTF??? I've been getting so frustrated with that lmfao. Please someone walk me through some details I might be missing here

I have the pec.dll file in the plugin folder too... I'm pretty sure that represents the plugin right? So what could be the deal? If you need more elaboration I'll do my best to explain

And if you can't help can you possibly direct me to a working accurate download link for another PEC, perhaps giving me a copy of yours or anothers? Its so hard to find it sence the original sites hosting the downloads are down -___-
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