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epsxecutor problem

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Ok, maybe I'm just missing something here, but I can't seem to get this right. Here's the deal, I have 1 memcard for each of the games I play (well, some are combined but that's not the point), each one named after the game(s) for ease of use. However, when I go into the memcards section of epsxecutor, it doesn't list any. I can create new ones, but not bring in the existing ones. Does epsxecutor only work with the card1, card 2, ...ect naming, or am I doing something wrong?

Almost forgot, I have the saves in the .mcr format, but I've also tried the .mem without any luck, and the cards do work in epsxe.

Any help would be apreciated
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press the import button and import some of your memcards into epsxe executor........ works with all types of memcards......
I tried that already. It only has .psx and .gme formats listed in the files of type, so I can't import my memory cards (in .mcr format). I tried redownloading epsxecutor as well, in case I got a bad copy, but that didn't make a difference. If nothing else, I can convert the cards to one of those formats, but I don't want to do that if I don't have to.
you may need to convert them to .gme or .psx format first.......
You best bet for converting files is psx game edit from the download section.
Hello again,

I had some problems too about epsxecutor. It's about savegame. If you use epsxecutor you can't choose slot 2-5 in savegame, and of course you can't load from slot 2-5 too.

If you start w/o epsxecutor, you can press Esc. anytime in the game and choose to save/load in any slot, while w/ epsxecutor, if you press Esc. you quit the game.

Can anyone tell me how to save/load in epsxecutor in slot 2-5?

stefanus, you can either use the "start epsxe gui" option to get
the epsxe main window, or press "f2" while you are playing a
game to change the save slot number (the number will be
displayed in the gpu menu, you have to press "del" in my pugins
to get it displayed).
Tks very much Mr. Pete B.

Btw, your plugin is the best. I am using your GPU, SPU, and CDR, except bios :p he3x (wonder if you create cios file too.....)

I also would like to say tks to the forum especially to you, sx/amiga, Mr. lewpy (sorry didn't have voodoo), and bgnome. You'll has been very helpfull to me...:emb:

Tks guys...
I'll just go ahead and covert them then...guess there's no way to be lazy this time :D
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