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Epsxecutor config\vs Epsxe Enhanced Psx emulator Configuration

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I have recently installed and attempted to configure Epsxe on my system. In setting up the configuration In the ePSXecutor program I can get everything set up easily, double clicking on the icon created for my config takes me to the second part where I have the ePSXe emulator running and I have to configure the video audio and Cd rom in the drop down menus. The problem is that I can configure audio and Cdrom but the video drop down box is empty... I have tried using the other video plugins that are compatable yet I still have no options for the video config despite what I change in the 'xecutor setup. Do I need to move files around to make them available for the configuration while in the emulator?

Athalon 750 Biostar motherboard with onboard Via chipset sound.
192 megs of Ram PC100
Pacific Digital 12X10X32 Cd Rom/rw
30GB Maxtor 7200 spin
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I´m a little confuse with the epsxeconfigurator so i don´t use it. If a game need something different i aplly the changes in the emu and then i restart the emu. But, normally i use the same settings for all the games.

It doesn't sound lke you're configuring ePSXecutor correctly. The video plugin you'd like to use is selected from within ePSXecutor. Look at the image below to see what I mean.

More information about your installation would be helpful. What sort of video card are you using? How did you install ePSXe (the installer?)
I am using a Riva TnT 2 from Gigabyte (Nvidia)

I actually set up everything like you had in your image... I tried a few different video drivers from the list and none of them made any difference as far as what was available when I got into the emulator itself.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I downloaded and installed the program using this program...


the only thing I had to search for on the net was the .bin file.
Did I miss something?
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