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ePSXeCutor Cheat options...

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Alright, what is the Unique Licensee ID for and where do I get? I need it to put in cheat codes...
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Also, in the readme, it said something about ePSXe doesn't work with D/8 or whatever, and that I'll need to use mem addresses for cheats...

What's that mean?
the cheat option in epsxe is only used to make certain games that don't work with it, work.... Not really cheats for a game... More like a code patch to make a game that wouldn't It you want cheats in a game then use PEC...
As mentioned,
to use gameshark codes get PEC. For use with ePSXe you need to place the pecgpu.dll file in your plugins folder, select that as your video plugin and configure it. Then you just open PEC, select your cheats, hit "send cheats to plugin" and start your game.
Thanks. I configured my video plugins to PEC and chose Pete's Dx6 D3D plugin. I hit send to plugin when I chose my cheats and it just says waiting for plugin, (about 10 minutes has passed). Is it supposed to take that long? And, does it work for ISOs?
Yes it works with Isos....You are suppose to turn on epsxe at that point after it tells you it is sending the cheats.... You are not suppost to wait... Just open epsxe after the confirmation... Funny how long you waited..
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