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A new release to Pete's frontend for ePSXe is now avaliable. Here are the version changes:
  • ChrisRPG reported a problem with ePSXeCutor's game ids (used for the quickstart function and for displaying the save state pictures): some games don't follow the standard naming sheme for the ID, like the US version of Dragon Warrior 7, and therefore ePSXeCutor could not read and use the ID properly with this games.
  • Since such a simple fix wouldn't be release-worthy, imho, I've also added a new feature to ePSXeCutor: in the "Tools" menu, or by right-clicking a configuration icon, a new menu item will appear: "Create desktop config link". If you select it, ePSXeCutor will do automatically a shortcut on your Windows desktop, using the same name as the selected configuration. Now you can easily start the game (and, of course, the associated plugin and emu settings) without running the ePSXeCutor GUI first, by simply double-clicking the new shortcut.

    Well, basically it's just an easier way to use ePSXeCutor's command line capabilities (introduced in version, but it's still nice to have... and unlike a certain Control Center from a well-known gfx card company, such an ePSXeCutor game start doesn't need any extra resources (neither memory nor cpu) when the game is running :)
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