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Hello pete..
Actually this is my first time usiung ePSXeCutor...
I made a configuration and I exported it, so I can use with another PC/USER.

My configuration contained a command line switch which is "-loadbin"
It's written like this in the "Cmd Line:" text box. (-loadbin "D:\My PSX Games\CTR.IMG") .. and since my file is located in a long name path.. the exported key looked like this..
"CmdLine"="-loadbin \"D:\\My PSX Games\\CTR.IMG\""
After imported my configuration file.. the command line cuted to "-loadbin \"
So ePXSecutor imported ""CmdLine"="-loadbin \"" only..

One more problem.. I have more game configs with the same cmd line.. so I can export "ALL" ePSXecutor settings, but It gives me error msg If I import them back..

Thank you.
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