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I'm asking everybody(thats been in the emulation world )
on this. Do you know how to solve the problem with the

Here is the detailed Info:

I have interact Axis Pad Color w/o force-feedback
it contains Dual analog w/analog stick buttons 10 buttons
(12 if I use the Hid(human-Interface Device) Driver instead
of the Official Interact Drivers)

DirectX 8.0a (SDK Debug Version)

500 MHz AMD Athlon Procesor

3D FX Voodoo 3 3000 16MB AGP Graphics

Gullimont Maxisound Fortissmo Audio

RAM 224 MB PC100 total
Slot1 128 MB
Slot2 64MB(origanaly equiped)
Slot3 32 MB(Origanaly Equiped)

VB Runtime 3, 4, 5sp3, 6sp5

ePSXe tends to only detect the left and up position on the left
analog stick, and not accepting button input. is there a way to
prevent this? if you would like to see this for yourself the
gamepad cost $20. After I installed epsxe It will detect all
button functions. but later on in use it will stop accepting
all functions except for left and right analog stick. Even
after i installed the official Drivers(wich sucks be cause it uses
the two front buttons for "ESC" and "Enter") and I cant use enter
as the start button(so I can use it on the controller)
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