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Hi, I am having trouble with save states in epsxe. My trouble is this, I recently re-installed Windows. I keep my emulators on a seperate hard drive, and the next time I started epsxe the registry settings were gone. Not a problem, I anticipated this and wrote down all my unique game settings, but all the sudden it starts using only five save states. Before it would use five per game now it's five total, for all my games. Like I said my emulators are on a seperate drive so my epsxe directory structure is intact complete with save states (I can even see the pictures of them in the epsxecutor save state manager) from before I did this, and after. But it's not using them, it will just use the five it created when I started it after I re-installed windows, and they don't have any unique game titles (it calls them all SLUS-999.99, where the states from before all have different names). I generally use the built in SPU and CD-plugin, epsxecutor, and Lewpy's Glide GPU along with scph1001 bios. I run this on an Athlon 1Ghz, 256MB, 3dfx Voodoo3 3000, MSI k7t pro 2-a motherboard, and S3 Virge PCI sound. My question is does anyone know a way to get it to start using the old save states? Or even give me five new ones per game? Any help is appreciated, thank you.
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