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Epsxe Windows 7 Crash

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Hey every time I try to open a game epsxe 1.60 crashes. I transfered the emulator and all my .isos and images over from vista where they worked fine. Anyone else having the same problem? I mount the image using alchohol 120% and choose to run CD-Rom and then it opens the window as normal and after a second in crashes giving me an error message as follows: epsxe has stopped working. I tried it in compatibility mode for XP SP2 and Vista and neither works. Please can anyone help? I just got to disc 2 in FF VIII and am almost to where I was when my little brother trashed my memory cards with diet coke. thanks.
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there is little reason to use an older version so download version 1.7.0 and set it up from scratch, as it is best if you avoid doing a simple copy/paste of the emulator's directory.
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