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Epsxe VS. Dx8

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does Dx 8 creates any problem with epsxe, or any other psx, n64, snes, gba emulator?? Or any other problem with any other game??
thinking of upgrading it, since some emu´s are asking for it
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well, I think you have no choice, new games will ask DX8 now. But it bugs more than DX7. If you have a good card with opengl support use it with pete's plugin
DX8 has no problem with epsxe and vgs
Using DirectX 8 with no problem at least on my system
Originally posted by Bahamut_Zero
DX8 has no problem with epsxe and vgs
If you use
and you open and close ePSXe a lot it will be cash and show Dbhelp error on your system..................
but some N64 emulator need DirectX8 and also some SNES emulator too.
I have that exact configuration and I use epxe executor and I never had that dhelp error thing....... I configure it with executor without the need to close and open all the time to configure..... So its not that much of a problem...... for me anyways.....
So thats why i've been having that error a lot....... I gues i'll try PSXExecutor....
Had some problems with direct x 8 with some pc games and the new N64 emu Project 64 , but with PSX emulators i had no problems with it
Before anyone decides to upgrade to DX8, they should ensure that they have a video card or video card driver that supports it. I am tired of how many people complain about DX8. Its a great upgrade if you support it. Maybe people should make sure they have the newest drivers before complaining about it? Makes sense to me! I have a Voodoo3 3000 PCI and it works fine with DX8, in fact, theres a slight speed boost!:yawn:
Heh, don't even get me started on the Voodoo3 3k latest drivers. There's only a VERY few games that run with that driver set (I can't even get Starcraft to work w/o graphic glitches, the map moves itself to the center of the screen, then the lower left corner, then the lower right corner...), and ePSXe happens to be one of the few.
>does Dx 8 creates any problem with epsxe, or any other psx,n64,
>snes, gba emulator??
Actually, if you use the lastest version of ZSnes you *must* use DX8, as it won't function otherwise. As for other emulators, I've used Nesten, NoCashGB, Corn, and Snes9x with 8 and I haven't had any problems.

>If you use
>1.Win98 2.DX8 3.SBlive
>and you open and close ePSXe a lot it will be cash and show
>Dbhelp error on your system
That's odd. I've opened and closed my copy of ePSXe numerous times within the same session and I've never had that happen. In fact, I've found that things have been a good deal more stable ever since the upgrade from 7a.
Enigma1982 You would be using the internal spu? The inernal spu does not get along with ddhelp so try a different plugin
DX 8 works fine w/every emulator I have. Only oproblem is w/DD Help and ePSXe's internal SPU. Pj64 (the newest N64 emulator) works perfectly w/it. Hopefully the internal SPU error caused by DD Help will be fixed in the next version. The ePSXe team knows about it and is working on it.
Yeah, I use the Internal SPU too but I have tried Pete's Midas and Null2's drivers but I find that the Internal SPU sounds the best for me! :p But once again that is just me. Oh well, I guess i'll go and fiddle with the options in Midas and Null2.
No problem with DX8. Some programs wouldnt recongize it thought with my video card drivers untill i swtiched to detonator 12.40 (the latest non beata comercial release was 6.66). Other than that, it seems to work really well.

I also have a Voodoo 3000, and it seems to work with no problems on any games, just slower than GF2mx.
i have the problem enigma has...
and yes, I use the internal SPU a has good sound quality..
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