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so how much better is it exactly?
It terms of compatability..?

I bet you still can't resize the window via mouse drag..
and after you change the config you still have to restart the program..
and the F4 thing with certain games...

Sorry, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I'm actually pretty excited.
Thanks emulator dudes.

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I say, HALLELUJAH and praise the Allmighty gaming God !!!
Looks like calb, Galtor and _Demo_ have done their miracle again !!
As usual, I'm off to subject the new version to some pretty hardcore gaming tests !!! (Having heard that Threads of Fate works, was enough to make me lose my sleep) ....a really BIG "thank you" goes out to the entire ePSXe team !!

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I got it.... Mum....I got it

Let's test now, I have some titles in stock I have to test

I'll give my results later....

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I saw it as soon as I got here. Downloaded it and Pete's new SPU.
Now, me gonna go bye bye for the rest of the evening. Be back posting tomorrow.:D

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Brave Fencer Musashi it works again! :)
but Front Mission 3 it doesn't work, even with the option Command line -nogui it doesn't work :(
Anyway, I congratulate the authors! :D I don't have words to thank them their invested time, in their emulator :)

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Tested using Pete's new SPU plugin...Speech for MGS and Soul Reaver works well..We like the save state image feature...We also like the emulation of the CD Player / Memory card option screen from the real PSX when no disk is inserted....Nice job Authors...

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"It dosn't seem to be a devolpment of just 3 months , it seems more , in simple words EXELENT WORK TO ALL ePSXe TEAM AND THE AUTHOR'S OF ALL EXISTING PLUGINS; INCLUDIN PEC AND OTHER RELATED PROGRAMS !!!!

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Just want to say that ePSXe is really great!!
Great work!!

I'm not new at emulation (i'm a big NeoGeo [NeoRageX] fan) but i got away from the psx emulation because i got disapointed with the few emulators i tried (bleem,vgs) .

Now i came back and i decided to try ePSXe, i downloaded v1.4.0 and i went to try it.

I tried Rival Schools and i was amazed!!! Better than the real PSX!!

Keep up with this great work!

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Games Tested working "perfectly":

Tomb raider 1 and 2 working perfectly with CD-AUDIO and all IN-GAME MOVIES!!!!!!!

Tombraider 3,4,5 running perfectly with all audio fixed and running smooooooooothly :)!!!!!!

Street Fighter Collection 2 running perfectly with mdecs and all sound running smooth!!!!!!

(you probably gather that im very happy)

Smakcdown 2 working perfectly!!!!!

V Rally with all cd-da tracks running perfectly!!!!!!

Games Tested working but with poblems:

Porsche challenge runs perfect except for the background music witch is running way to slow to be enjoyed-doesn't matter which spu you use :( hopefully next time :O)

Formula one running good but minor very slight puases when your car collides with others (may be fixable at the mo :)) also menu text doesnt appear so choosing the game type etc is done blindly.

The world is not enough has the same prob as before-camera movement going from left to right making it unplayable.


Very Very pleased indeed with this release, it really has topped 1.2.0.
Well done to the ePSXe team and pleaseeee keep it up :)
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