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Hey guys,i see alot of people still actually come on here since its been awhile that i've attended here yrs ago.I see alot of people alot of people having problems with the emulator from time to time,and i had thought to contribute a tutorial if thats cool with the heads of the forum and all.

It basically covers the basics as well what plugins a work properly on anybody computer running either on Pentium 3 to Quads along with more advanced stuff on how to get either Ps1 Discs working and Cd images thats been personally ripped from their collection.I honestly hope this helps any of the newbies and people who might come think EpsxE is challenging when its very simple and effective to those who wanna keep retro gaming alive.

The Video Tut is here.

I'm not gon tell Where to download ripped games for i dont support that type of deal.find that type of stuff on your own accord.

But to those whom this do help.Good luck to you and happy gaming.
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