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This is what happen. The day before this I still playing Final Fantasy VII, with almost 30 hours of playing time and have no problem at all. But, yesterday when I try to play it again, the game just stop working. It show a black screen after the Sony Computer Entertainment screen. All the game which working previously have stop working. All turn black screen after the company name show up on the screen.

Therefore, I try to download an older version. It still work yesterday. But when today I try to play it again, it turn out no sound.

What I'm using
ePSXe 1.7
ePSXe 1.6

Pete's OpenGL2 PSX GPU Version 2.9
Eternal SPU 1.41
CDR plugin from ePSXe

playing all game from image. They all are working fine before this, but no longer working just out of a sudden.
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