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ePSXe Squaresoft and Compatibility lists

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Well then firstly (My first post on this board) Thanks for a GR8 Emulator in ePSXe it's bloody brilliant for most of my games. One I cant get to work is Front Mission 3 (Love the game on my real PSX but I wanna play on my PC at work....) Its the PAL version, I'm Using CD-ROM.
Petes D3D GPU1.50
Null2 SPU
Petes CDR Aspi 1.2
I get the loading... and the line below starts to move then stops about halfway. I can quit but it wont carry on past here. I have had some luck in Bleem!1.5 with horrible graphics corruption on screen. I have tried most settings but nothing seems to work...
My PC :
PIII 450
SB Live!
Geforce DDR 32MB (nVidia reference drivers Detonator 3)

need any other info let me know.... It seems that the US version people have got working.....

OK this brings me to my next point. There seems to be some differences between UK and US games where while one will work another WONT. I cannot find a UK/PAL Compatlibility list.... Anyone from the UK want to help me get one started???? Lemme know.:confused:
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Check the unofficial espxe faq at and you'll notice that Front Mission needs to be started using the no graphic user interface command in epsxe (run c:/..../epsxe nogui)

It's still pretty garbled for a while (just keep pressing the ok button) but eventually you get a crash heavy version of FM3 running.
For speed try using pete's Open GL plug-in (it works better with all nvidia cards) and just click the "fast" button at the bottom of the screen. If still slow try selectively turning off/reducing the level of the various features. Also read the ogl read me included with the plug-in. Pete has good tips within.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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