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ePSXe speed control

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Hi there.
I'm new in PSX emulation. The reason i got ePSXe is because mame32 doesn't emulate Raiden2. So i got raiden project and the plugins needed.
The thing is when i play the game, it gets too fast in order to play it right.
Any sugestion?
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in fact, this question was just answered by me two days ago. typing in "epsxe too fast" to search gave me 266 results.
Esturk, it's not enabled by default when you get the plugin and neither is it enabled when you press the "fast" preset.
ah i thought you meant like "oh, hmm it should be there" as opposed to, "pete should add it".

anyway, i remember Pete being asked why he didnt enabled FPS limit on the "fast" preset, he said something like "well, you wanted it fast, didnt you? ;) "
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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