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Hi! :D

I started with C++ learning and i'm interesting about epsxe SDK :D
What I mean... I mean an SDK for writing GPU call plugin. I want to play with that all... That'll be fun :D

Second interested thing is...
Authors of epsxe added option to run Net Yaroze demos...
When i first time said that option i thought this is a converter of win32 exes to psx games (i haven't any ideas about c++ net yaroze, build of psx, and i didn't hear about unix systems xD). I found an official sdk from sony on forum (i don't remember waht forum was that) and i installed it.There was a lot of codes(ASM c and C++ for all pc platforms) and demos which can be runned on epsxe. But is one trouble. These programs added into sdk are under the DOS and win 95 and old mac!Second truoble was these all codes are incompatibiles with C::B. I don't want to install Visual Studio for now. C::B is more likeable for me :D.

That's all I don't want to make offtop :D

Thanx and reply fast as you can :D

PS:If you want i can paste links to sdk of net yaroze ut at first i want an sdk to writr plugins :D

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moving to the web dev./programming section.

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There is no dedicated SDK for PSX plugins, only API specs which you can find here.

As for running yaroze executables with command line (if that's what you meant) it is not possible, you require libps.exe.
The SDK you found most likely has 16bit executables so you can use DOSBox to run the stuff.
And lastly you don't need VS, Notepad was all I needed when I made BIOS dumper.
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